Personalized Care Creates the Best Smiles!

Our smiles, and how we feel about them, touch every part of our lives. Properly aligned teeth mean stronger oral health, a bite that reduces stress on the jaw, neck, and facial muscles, and an incredible smile, too!

When we know our teeth are straight and healthy, we feel better about our appearance. Our self-esteem grows, we’re more comfortable in our professional and personal lives, and we smile and laugh with confidence.

You deserve a smile you love, one that’s big, beautiful, and allows your personality to shine. Dr. Michael Lyons and our team would love to help you achieve that smile, through efficient, comfortable, and truly personalized orthodontic care!

Our Commitment to You

Dr. Lyons and our team believe you deserve leading-edge care, tailored to your clinical and personal needs. We also believe you deserve an orthodontic experience that keeps you smiling, engaged, and excited about changing your life.

As a team, we promise to always:

  • Listen to you, answer your questions, and respect your unique goals and concerns
  • Provide advanced care in a welcoming, supportive, and fun environment
  • Offer ethical treatment and clearly explain your options so you’re able to make an informed decision about your new smile
  • Educate you about oral health and how it affects your overall wellness, empowering you to keep your smile – and your body – brimming with health
  • Make treatment accessible, with many flexible financing options and appointments that fit with your busy life, including evening and early-morning hours
  • Use proven, advanced technologies and techniques that deliver the strongest results
  • Be responsive and available whenever you need us

Personalized Orthodontics

Ours is not a high-volume office and you’ll never feel like an anonymous number on a chart. Not only will we know your name, we’ll remember what’s important to you and look forward to catching-up on what’s happening in your life. When you’re our patient, you’re our friend: we hope you feel the same!

Dr. Lyons will create a custom care plan that works with your specific needs. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to treatment; instead, we ensure every step is efficient, effective, and works with your life. We’ll review everything with you, so you know what we’ll be doing and understand what you’ll need to do. Together, we’ll achieve your most incredible smile, the one that transforms your life!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Please schedule a complimentary orthodontic with Dr. Lyons at our Placentia, CA office, today. The sooner you call, the sooner you’re on your way to a lifetime of confident, beautiful smiles!

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