If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

Dr. Lyons described the problems, the solutions, the risks and the options with me, and I never felt pressured nor rushed.  Seeing the results today, I am so thankful that we chose Dr. Lyons                              

-Alice P.

You have a great office-very professional and courteous.  Everything was done exceedingly well. Bravo!

-Amy K.

Dr. Lyons is ethical and has a lot of integrity.  We had a lot of work done on my son because he needed it.  When I brought my daughter in for a consult he recommended doing nothing until she was older.  This clearly shows he is concerned with the best interest of my child, rather than selling braces

-Alice P.

Thank you so much for the gift of a great smile you have given my daughter!

-Jill B.

It was wonderful having Dr. Lyons as my orthodontist.  He is a true perfectionist and I appreciate that fact.                                    

-Sheree T.

It was a long drive, but I only wanted the best for my son.

-Gloria S.

Dr. Lyons never pushed for more orthodontic work than was necessary.  He is a man of integrity. We also appreciated being seen on time!  We never had to wait.  Thank you for everything!              

-Amy K.

We love your office-staff, back office personnel, and doctor.  Thank you again for all that you do.

-Rose M.

My child was treated with care and patience.

-Susan W.

My favorite thing about being a patient there is the friendly atmosphere within the office.  Everyone I came in contact with was outstanding.  I have already told people these things as I am proud to be associated with this office and these lovely people.

-Sheree T.

I loved the assistants.  They were always so kind and were happy to see me and greeted me with smiles. Oh, and I loved getting Braces Bucks and saving up for gift cards! Thank you so much Dr. Lyons and team for giving me a beautiful smile!    

-Harjap C.

Professional, friendly people and great service.

-Kristine C.

If you want a great smile call Dr. Lyons’ office. He is by far the best Orthodontist I've found. Trust me; I've done my research for three years before I finally found Dr. Lyons.

-Charlynn L.

So professional and great with kids!

-Joelle B.

(My favorite thing was) the flexibility in scheduling appointments and the convenient payment options

-Michael P.

I frequently refer friends to see Dr. Lyons because I believe it is the best practice around.  His practice should be a model for all orthodontic practices.  Thank you!

-Jennifer P.

Friendly, honest service…you can’t ask for anything more!

-Dakota H.

(My favorite thing was) getting to know the staff!  They are truly the most caring people.  We have gone to Dr. Lyons for over 9 years; all three of our children have been his patients.  We have been 100% satisfied with the results.

-Cathy and Jack W.

He’s a perfectionist; he made sure my teeth looked great!

-Daniel B.

Thanks for everything!  And thanks for trying not to “up-sell” unnecessary products and services.  Thanks for answering endless questions about the treatment & allowing mom to watch and monitor important appointments!

-Patrice S.

The staff is great…they really show a genuine interest in me every time I come in for my appointment!  Overall, a great experience

-Zachary T.

Results are beautiful; number of visits very manageable

-Suzanne A.

Always friendly staff and enjoyable atmosphere

-Gina C.